Membership Benefits with the ICP Museum


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International Center of Photography (ICP)

Between 1980 and 2003, Marjorie G. Rosen served as president of Arts Britannia, Ltd., with offices in London and the United States. Continuing her involvement in the arts, Marjorie G. Rosen chairs the acquisitions committee at the International Center of Photography (ICP).

The world’s premiere institution in areas of visual culture and photography, the ICP maintains a variety of facilities and services dedicated to the visual arts. In addition to numerous exhibitions and public engagement initiatives, ICP is best known for its internationally renowned photography school and museum.

The ICP museum allows members and public visitors to experience both the past and future of the visual arts through a number of immersive exhibits. ICP offers group tours and family tour services, as well as educational resources for teachers interested in bringing students to the museum.

Individuals who find themselves regularly visiting new ICP museum exhibits may consider signing up for a museum membership. Members enjoy an array of special benefits, highlighted by free admission to the museum and discounts at ICP Store courses and workshops. Members also receive discounts at the ICP Museum bookstore and cafe and free subscriptions to multiple ICP e-letters. The museum is located at 250 Bowery in Lower Manhattan. For more information, visit