The Membership Benefits of the of Royal Oak Foundation

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Royal Oak Foundation

As the former president of Arts Britannia, Marjorie G. Rosen organized decorative/fine arts tours of the UK and designed and sold her own line of hanging garden baskets. Her love of tourism and horticulture also informed her tenure as a board member with the Royal Oak Foundation. While she sat on the Royal Oak board of directors, Marjorie G. Rosen had the chance to travel to many important UK gardens with leading figures in British horticulture.

All members of the Royal Oak Foundation gain membership in the National Trust of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, an organization that dates back to 1895. Founded by three Victorian philanthropists who were alarmed by uncontrolled industrial development in Britain, the National Trust currently protects approximately 610,000 acres of UK countryside and 775 miles of coastline. It also preserves and maintains 350 country homes of the British aristocracy and other important historic sites.

Their regular membership fees give Royal Oak Foundation provide unlimited admission to all National Trust assets with an all-access pass. Other benefits of Foundation membership include a National Trust handbook and parking pass, three editions of the National Trust members’ magazine, two editions of the Royal Oak newsletter, and discounted entry fees to a range of partnering museums and heritage attractions.


Plant Research and Conservation at New York Botanical Garden

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New York Botanical Garden

The former president of Arts Britannia Ltd. in London, Marjorie G. Rosen developed a passion for gardening during her time in the UK. Marjorie G. Rosen serves on the board of New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), where she has spent several years as vice chairman.

For over 125 years, NYBG has maintained a vibrant living museum in the heart of urban New York City. NYBG also sponsors a variety of plant research and conservation initiatives, designed to advance knowledge of the plant world and preserve the botanical diversity on Earth. To accomplish its mission, NYBG supports exploration and systematics research, creates checklists and floras for international projects, and submits articles to scholarly journals.

Through the Center for Conservation Strategy, NYBG catalyzes conservation action in all corners of the world. The Center for Conservation Strategy works with public and private organizations across the globe, addressing global environmental challenges and ultimately saving the plants and fungi of the world.

To learn more about conservation efforts at NYBG, visit the official website at