Certificate Programs at the International Center of Photography


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International Center of Photography
Image: icp.org

Based in New York City, Marjorie G. Rosen spent over two decades as president of the London-based Arts Britannia Limited. Marjorie G. Rosen has since maintained a dedication to the fine arts through roles such as her position as chairman of the acquisitions committee with the International Center of Photography (ICP).

Established in 1974, ICP supports the work of photographers and other visual artworks through a number of exhibition opportunities and community programs. The center also supports the education of young artists through the ICP School, which boasts a student body of over 5,000. In addition to its classes and degree-earning programs, the school offers an array of one-year certificate programs.

As participants in the General Studies in Photography certificate program, ICP students engage in a course of study that help them hone their photography skills and learn new ways to experiment with pictures. The comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the theory and history of photography to building a varied technical skillset.

A second program, New Media Narratives, examines the ever-growing impact of technology on storytelling. Students take an intensive curriculum that includes courses on such topics as the relationship between media narration and social media and how to use emerging technology to tell effective stories. Students emerge from the program equipped with the skills they need to successfully pair modern media with digital narration in their work.